Payment Options

Affordable quality care

  • Discount Program: We offer medical, dental, and behavioral health services on a sliding scale for our patients who are uninsured with low incomes. All uninsured patients pay a minimum co-payment at the time of their appointment. Any remaining charges will be billed to the patient.
  • Medicaid and BadgerCare: Both accepted at all of our medical and dental clinics.
  • Medicare: We accept Medicare, and because we are a Federally Qualified Community Health Center, Medicare will pay for some additional preventative services not normally covered by the service.
  • Private health insurance: All of our clinics accept many private insurance plans.
  • Co-payments: Our patients who have coverage that requires co-payments must pay that amount at the time care is provided.

Discount Program

If our patients are uninsured with a low income, we offer a sliding scale for medical, dental, and behavioral health services. Our staff will work with you to determine your eligibility for the Discount Program. The discount applies to services at all of our clinics.

How to Apply

To receive a discount on the cost of care, you must complete an application. Applications are available at any clinic visit. Only one application is required for each family.

Required Information

To receive a discount on the cost of care, you must complete the application and provide proof of income for yourself, your spouse or domestic partner, and your dependents.

When to Apply

Our patients usually apply at their first visit, but applications are accepted at any time. And depending on your employment status, applications should be completed once or twice a year to ensure you're receiving the maximum discount.

Amount of Discount

The amount of the discount will vary depending on your income. You'll find out what your discount is within two weeks of completing your discount application.

If you have any questions about these programs or our sliding discount program, please contact our Financial Counselor at 608-443-5480.

The healthcare they're providing me means a lot, just because I know that I'm going to be healthy and safe during this pregnancy, and my baby's going to be healthy and safe. -Margaret