Wingra Family Medical Center

Access Community Health Centers and the University of Wisconsin Department of Family Medicine have partnered since July 2009 to operate Wingra Family Medical Center. This clinic is a residency training site for medical students as well as students in nursing, social work, pharmacy and psychology. Clinicians include faculty physicians, resident physicians and physician assistants. Residents are doctors who have finished medical school and are training as specialists in Family Medicine.

On July 15, 2013, Wingra Family Medical Center will open in its new clinic at 1102 South. Park Street. The building also houses a number of UW Health programs.

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Since I start coming to receive care from Access, I notice I'm actually happy when I come here. It's a lot more than just the service they give--they make me feel comfortable. They make me feel better just by coming here. I come here and I am in my home. That's how I feel. -Irene